Week 5 – Counterfactual Identity –


This weeks activity we had to dress up how we don’t normally dress up as. By challenging ourselves to attempt an alternative persona or “counterfactual identity,” we realize how dissimilar aesthetic qualities can recall many perceptual sensitivities from ourselves.

I decided to swap my normal attire to a more dark and unusual style that I would never go for and I went for the “emo look.” Not quite sure why I attempted this look but perhaps the pressure from my roommates was a factor to it. We were in our dining room studying one night and I was discussing with my roommates about counterfactual identity and asking them what attire I should wear on campus and they decided on, an emo person. My counter identity is definitely for laughs and giggles however, I did take this activity seriously and walked around school dressed up in dark clothing, with my hair in my face, and a lot of black eye makeup. I went to my usual spot where I would hang out with my friends, at the nugget. All my friends and other students looked at me funny. I was very self conscious throughout this whole process but I stuck it through. I never felt so uncomfortable before by just how different I dressed. I asked students around me what they thought my name was and my major. One guy said, “You look like an Amanda and your major could possibly be some type of liberal arts or somewhere in the art program, like animation.” I think he thought I would be in animation because I’m Asian but also stereotypically, emo people tend to like anime. Another random student, a girl thought my name would be Megan and my major would be photography/liberal arts/some type of art major. I laughed at all the answers I got because I didn’t think any of those names or majors suited me. However, my counterfactual identity did because of how I dressed up as. I think it’s quite depressing how people judged others by the way they look. I could be dressed up as an emo person but my personality can be the total opposite of that character. Clearly I was also uncomfortable because I was pretending to be something I wasn’t and that was something I was not comfortable it. We are all dressed a certain way with what we are comfortable in so we can, “fit in.” We dress a certain style not also because we favor it but which crowd we want to please.


Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Catherine Vu


This week’s artist I talked too was Catherine Vu, a 24 years old senior/artist/student at CSULB; majoring in art and photography. She began her art project in the fall of 2011. As I interviewed Catherine and asked her what was the inspiration behind her photo collage she states, “social media and lifestyle blogging has helped me begin this project. This project started when I noticed how Instagram and how the social media affects our daily lives. Most students, post pictures of what they are doing, what they are wearing, etc. to show people what they did or what they are doing that day. Not only does this art work show how our world revolves around social media but how a picture cannot show how we actually feel that day when we post it. For example, a person uploads a picture on Instagram of a coffee cup that is hash tagged #coffee #sad #raindays. We can tell that the person was drinking coffee that day but we cannot see why they were sad or if it was raining that day however, we can see by the power of hash tags know how they were feeling that day and what they were surrounded by,” that was also one of her inspirations for this project. Her artwork is a photo collage of what she is doing each day and on the bottom it says what she is wearing or what she was doing that day and for each picture there was another picture next to it with sayings on the bottom of what she was actually feeling that day and explains why she was wearing that outfit. Our world today is so caught up on social media such as, Instagram that what we see on social media is what we think is actually going on but in reality, it is not what the social media really portrays and we are blinded by what we see on the internet than what is actually there in front of us.

Week 5 – Classmate Conversation –

  Vanessa Garcia is a second year at CSULB her major is Biology. Vanessa actually went to the same high school as me and at one point had the same class which was, government. She says that since her major is challenging, she is mostly studying and doing school work. She has a job and works at Subway. Besides being a full time scholarly student and working at Subway, she enjoys hanging out with friends on her spare time and watching scary movies.

Week 4 – Plaster Casting –

This week, I went to the beach with Marie Mendez who is also in the same class as me. We knew each other from high school so we decided to go together to do the plaster casting project. I enjoyed this project a lot because we got to mold and sculpt whichever body part we wanted. I chose to do my hand because to me, the hand is the most interesting part of our body. The way our arm elongates and the way our fingers move and work is so amusing to me. Marie and I both helped each other and molded/sculpted our arm/hand. We first dug a hole for about ten minutes and until our hole was deep enough where we could put our whole arm in. After we dug our hole, we put our whole arm and hand in the hole and poured wet sand it in and then the plaster. We waited for the plaster to harden, we waited for about thirty min and then we pulled out the plaster carefully without breaking it and our arms and hands came out perfectly. We had extra plaster and used to the rest to make other molds, such as hearts. It was a lot of fun working with the sand and plaster.


Week 4 – Artist Conversation – Scott Burn


As I was walking through Scott Burn’s exhibit, I was mesmerized by his deformed sculptors. What was running through my head was, what made him create these insane sculptors. They made me feel a certain way, somewhat sad and terrified. His sculptors were dark, most of his sculptors were dark blue, mixed with red, and black. I asked him why he used dark colors for his pieces and he said, it represents a good friend of his that committed suicide a few years ago. I realize that most artist create their art work from their experiences they have been through, good and bad which inspires them to create the pieces that they want to show their audiences and hopefully, the audience can understand what the artist was trying to portray. Scott has been carving clay for four years and his inspirations mostly comes from his friends and from artists from the funk period.

Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Oscar Rocha

cropped-screen-shot-2014-08-31-at-12-13-18-amOscar Rocha is a third year at CSULB. He is originally from Los Angeles and went to Huntington Park High School. Oscar played four years of football and really enjoyed it. He is a sociology major and has a minor in marketing. An interesting fact I found about Oscar is that he cuts hair, he is a part time barber. He is also a member of the fraternity Kappa Sigma and enjoys hanging out with his fraternity brothers and friends.

Week 3 – Kickstarter –


This video I found on Kick Starter by Aena Sun from Jersey City, NJ really caught my eye because I love food.  However, this video didn’t just catch my eye because it had to do with food but the passion behind it is what intrigued me. The lack of authentic delicious Korean food in Jersey City. I used to live in New Jersey when I was younger and believe it or not, I remembered how Jersey City back then did not have many diverse restaurants around. I think it’s a bright idea that they want to serve authentic Korean food in Jersey City because not only is it authentic, they also have healthy alternatives and even food for the vegetarians/vegans. This owner just wants to start her family owned business, serve good authentic food, and have everyone come together over good food and bond.

LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/27654326/authentic-korean-food-in-jersey-city-ahris-kitchen?ref=category_featured

Week 3 – Kickstarter –

Kick Starter Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VoKuT2br5Q&list=UUFXSLn82bNO1EtZ2pcKsCmg

My Kickstarter project is about how CSULB should provide a greek row in Long Beach, California. My goal is to raise 20,000 dollars in order for all the sororities and fraternities to be right next to each other and to be in a remote area with barely any neighbors. If this project is successful, not only would we have safer parties and have better relations with the neighbors, the greek system would be a lot closer and their wouldn’t be any rivalries towards each other.

Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Tricia E. Rangel


Tricia E. Rangel’s artwork at csulb is simple yet, has a deep meaning to it. Her art work is made from a collection of dirt from the San Joaquin Valley of her parents backyard, grandfather’s ranch, the road, and the Smith Mountain Cemetery. She extracted the dirt from its original place to displace it. The process of making this amazing piece she had to fabricate, extract, pour, and repeat. She separates the components that make up the intelligible whole which created a new foundation to build on. Her piece represents failure, strength, vulnerability, and weakness. One interesting art piece that intrigued me was her chain art. The chains represent how many people have died and the gold chains represents the one she knew.

Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Marie Mendez


Marie Mendez went to the same high school as me however, I didn’t know her too well until now. She was born in Lancaster and then moved to Long Beach when she was five. An interesting fact about Marie is that she was adopted. Her major is undecided as of now but she is interested in child development. She loves to go on adventures, hikes and take cool pictures of her adventures/hikes and post them on Instagram. She likes to go this restaurant in Huntington Beach called Bruxie and she also likes to take naps when she can.