Week 1 – Artist Conversation – Noe Gaytan


While wandering the art gallery of CSULB, I came across a piece that intrigued me. It was the artist’s college tuition statement. I have never seen a piece quite like this before and that is why I chose to represent this artist. Noe Gaytan is from Montclair, California. Noe went to the University of Irvine where he earned his degree in bachelors of art in studio art. He enjoys making art that deals with issues of “public” and “art”. He also likes to write/talk about art and organize art events. As I studied his piece at the gallery, I understood why he chose to do this certain project. He wanted to relate his art to college students who are going through student debt. I myself can relate to this piece of art because I am a college student struggling with finances. In his blog, he talks about students who worry about their finances. He also talks about students like art majors that worry if it’s even worth spending large quantities of money for college just to receive their art degree. Noe also talks about his own college experience and how he was in student debt however, he was passionate about his career and even went to grad school for art even though art majors did not make a lot of money. His goal was to show people what student debt looked like so he created what is called a screen printing. He was new to screen printing but he managed to print different colors of money and make it look interesting. Gaytan states in his blog, “Like much of my past work, this project is rooted in conceptualism and color theory. The parameters which I created to teach myself how to screen print are inspired by conceptual art from the ‘60’s and 70’s where the creation of the work was based on following certain rules or logic.”



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