Week 2 – Artist Conversation – Brittany Mojo

"Always be Knolling"


The artist I chose this week is Brittany Mojo, Brittany went to UCLA and has a masters degree in arts. Her exhibit really caught my eye because her art pieces were very vibrant with bright colors and has intricate patterns. Her art made me feel happy and had a homey feeling to it and made me feel welcomed. Her sculptures uses iconic images that show the audience what message she is trying to tell. Her art pieces relate to “woman’s work”. She is interested in the process of “systems, patterns, color, detailed repetitive work, and scale as it relates to the micro and macro worlds that we simultaneously inhabit.” Mojo wants the audience to feel her art work, that is why they are three dimensional. Brittany Mojo states, “The work is always in motion; individual objects are never expected to serve a singular purpose. They become much like the world that surrounds us: poignant, systemic, intentional, and temporary.” 


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