Week 4 – Plaster Casting –

This week, I went to the beach with Marie Mendez who is also in the same class as me. We knew each other from high school so we decided to go together to do the plaster casting project. I enjoyed this project a lot because we got to mold and sculpt whichever body part we wanted. I chose to do my hand because to me, the hand is the most interesting part of our body. The way our arm elongates and the way our fingers move and work is so amusing to me. Marie and I both helped each other and molded/sculpted our arm/hand. We first dug a hole for about ten minutes and until our hole was deep enough where we could put our whole arm in. After we dug our hole, we put our whole arm and hand in the hole and poured wet sand it in and then the plaster. We waited for the plaster to harden, we waited for about thirty min and then we pulled out the plaster carefully without breaking it and our arms and hands came out perfectly. We had extra plaster and used to the rest to make other molds, such as hearts. It was a lot of fun working with the sand and plaster.



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