Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Catherine Vu


This week’s artist I talked too was Catherine Vu, a 24 years old senior/artist/student at CSULB; majoring in art and photography. She began her art project in the fall of 2011. As I interviewed Catherine and asked her what was the inspiration behind her photo collage she states, “social media and lifestyle blogging has helped me begin this project. This project started when I noticed how Instagram and how the social media affects our daily lives. Most students, post pictures of what they are doing, what they are wearing, etc. to show people what they did or what they are doing that day. Not only does this art work show how our world revolves around social media but how a picture cannot show how we actually feel that day when we post it. For example, a person uploads a picture on Instagram of a coffee cup that is hash tagged #coffee #sad #raindays. We can tell that the person was drinking coffee that day but we cannot see why they were sad or if it was raining that day however, we can see by the power of hash tags know how they were feeling that day and what they were surrounded by,” that was also one of her inspirations for this project. Her artwork is a photo collage of what she is doing each day and on the bottom it says what she is wearing or what she was doing that day and for each picture there was another picture next to it with sayings on the bottom of what she was actually feeling that day and explains why she was wearing that outfit. Our world today is so caught up on social media such as, Instagram that what we see on social media is what we think is actually going on but in reality, it is not what the social media really portrays and we are blinded by what we see on the internet than what is actually there in front of us.


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