Week 9 – Activity – Video Blog

During this weeks activity, we had to do a video blog about whatever we want about ourselves. I personally wanted to do a blog about who I am and what my motives are as a college student. I thought this project was fun because people can see who I am as a person not just by seeing words on my blog but me on a video screen. This video blogging makes it easier for people to get to know each other more on a personal level and see who we truly are.


Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Findley


As I was looking through the galleries during week 9, I came upon a bizarre piece. The art piece was a display of junk food from McDonalds. I was mesmerized by how it wasn’t rotting and how the color of the food is still intact, I wanted to find out more about the artist however, he wasn’t there. But luckily, there was a man walking around the exhibit who was an art major and seemed to know about the artist and was willing to help clarify the piece to me. He told me all the artist in the “Salon Des Refuses” are art pieces from artist’s that didn’t make the cut. The name is French and in English means, The Gallery of The Refused. Artist’s that have been turned down from the big French galleries, their art went to the Salon Des Refuses. Basically this gallery was made so that all artist can feel accepted and have a sense of belonging. Sean Findley did a piece on McDonald’s food because he was fascinated by the nature of fast food and health concerns as well as fast food culture.

Week 9 – Classroom Conversation – David Phan


During week 9, I decided to interview David Pham. David is a junior at CSULB and he is a Geography major. His hobbies are playing with his German Shepard name Happy, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends. An interesting fact that I found out about him is that he teaches at his old high school in West Minister as a percussion teacher. He decided to take art 110 because he saw how interesting and fun the class looked.

Week 8 – Activity – Blog Changes

For this weeks activity, we must make a change in our blog in order to represent our major. About an hour of pondering about what change I should make, I came up with the idea of creating an about me page to show what my interest is, work/volunteer experiences, achievements, and what my major is and what I can do with it for my future career.

I changed my profile picture on my blog to something more professional so if a company ever searches me up, I look professional in my picture and it shows how involved I was in college by joining a sorority. I did not join a sorority for the parties but to make connections in the business world and to achieve/gain leadership skills.

Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Nora Ayala


As I was roaming around the galleries during week 8, Norah Ayala’s display caught my attention. She was the only artist in the exhibit that did a drawing style called mind mapping. I would have never imagined that her display would be considered as art however, as I was gazing at her project, it all made sense as to why it was considered as art. She wanted to do a project where she could express her sexuality by tracing its relationships between different emotions, events, relationships, and beliefs. By creating a visual language in order for her audience to understand where she is coming from, she uses the method of mind mapping; a commonly used method of organizing and tracing relationships between different ideas. Her intention for her project has nothing to do with “art therapy” but a way to cleanse, create a conversation with others, and to create real connections with the audiences by being honest in order to break the insecurities from others. She states, “I believe the gift of honesty will someday be returned to me.”

In her mind map, she expresses all her thoughts and feelings about her sexuality. Her sexuality tells us she likes women and how people have judged her in the past however, it also tells the audience that you don’t only get judged by your sexuality but how a person dresses, and even religion. It shows how small minded people can be and it truly breaks my heart, everyone is equal.

Week 8 – Classmate Conversation – Ariadna Rivera

I met Ariadna Rivera during week 8 through a mutual friend who is in the same art class. Ariadna is a third year at CSULB, her major is hospitality management. She explains to me how people would always ask her if it has to do with the medical field but it actually has to do with managing a hotel and whatnot. Her hobbies are shopping, working out, and swimming. The most interesting fact that I learned about her was that she is in a co-ed fraternity, meaning she belongs in a group with not just girls but boys. The fraternity that she is associated with is called, Delta Sigma Chi. She rushed her spring semester of 2014 and she told me that she actually went through PanHellenic which is through the school however, she really enjoyed the cultural one.

Week 7 – Activity – Graffiti


This weeks activity for week seven, we had to do our names in graffiti bubble letters. I wish I went to Venice Beach and did it there but I decided to do it in my very own backyard. I live in a sorority house so I don’t actually own the house so I couldn’t paint on the walls so I did it on poster paper. I have never done graffiti before and it’s actually quite difficult doing bubble letters or maybe because I was doing it on paper? I don’t really know but this is how my name came out to be and it was my tenth try to make it somewhat look decent. I think I did an okay job on my graffiti bubble letters and it was a really fun/interesting project.

Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Maggie Freed and Yee Li


Week seven, I interviewed two artist by the name of Maggie Freed and Yee Li. They’re art displays “Introspection,” the title already says a lot. Introspection means “the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.” I asked them what was the story behind their paintings and it’s because of all the anxieties they have built up so they release their anxieties about their life onto their paintings. They also said their paintings have no rules and their inspirations is because they have never done a display show before and they’ve always wanted to do one. Their paintings took a long process, about eight hours every day and you they have to wait for certain parts of their painting to dry in order to continue painting their paintings. All their paintings are made out of all oil paints.

Week 6 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin, Isiah Ulloa, Angel G. Franco


During week 6, I looked at what seems to be an “ice sculptor” but it was actually made out of some type of foam. The process to this illusion was that Isiah Ulloa took a picture of his body and scanned his body on a CNC machine where it made a mold of his whole body. The inspiration for this art piece was the use of technology. They decided to combine art and technology to create an exhibition that suggested a narrative series of moments and or fragments in a story or film.