Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Nora Ayala


As I was roaming around the galleries during week 8, Norah Ayala’s display caught my attention. She was the only artist in the exhibit that did a drawing style called mind mapping. I would have never imagined that her display would be considered as art however, as I was gazing at her project, it all made sense as to why it was considered as art. She wanted to do a project where she could express her sexuality by tracing its relationships between different emotions, events, relationships, and beliefs. By creating a visual language in order for her audience to understand where she is coming from, she uses the method of mind mapping; a commonly used method of organizing and tracing relationships between different ideas. Her intention for her project has nothing to do with “art therapy” but a way to cleanse, create a conversation with others, and to create real connections with the audiences by being honest in order to break the insecurities from others. She states, “I believe the gift of honesty will someday be returned to me.”

In her mind map, she expresses all her thoughts and feelings about her sexuality. Her sexuality tells us she likes women and how people have judged her in the past however, it also tells the audience that you don’t only get judged by your sexuality but how a person dresses, and even religion. It shows how small minded people can be and it truly breaks my heart, everyone is equal.


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