Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Findley


As I was looking through the galleries during week 9, I came upon a bizarre piece. The art piece was a display of junk food from McDonalds. I was mesmerized by how it wasn’t rotting and how the color of the food is still intact, I wanted to find out more about the artist however, he wasn’t there. But luckily, there was a man walking around the exhibit who was an art major and seemed to know about the artist and was willing to help clarify the piece to me. He told me all the artist in the “Salon Des Refuses” are art pieces from artist’s that didn’t make the cut. The name is French and in English means, The Gallery of The Refused. Artist’s that have been turned down from the big French galleries, their art went to the Salon Des Refuses. Basically this gallery was made so that all artist can feel accepted and have a sense of belonging. Sean Findley did a piece on McDonald’s food because he was fascinated by the nature of fast food and health concerns as well as fast food culture.


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