Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Romina Del Castillo


Week 10, I was wandering around the galleries on Thursday and couldn’t seem to make a decision on who to write on until I saw one painting that really caught my eye. The painting I chose was by an artist by the name of Romina Del Castillo. Romina’s painting of what seems to look like a nun and she is holding a baby up in the air and the naked baby is putting a flower head piece on the nun. The title of his gallery was called “Shifting Focus” which is a series of portraits done from direct observation with a live model. The painting I described earlier, it was a very odd art piece but it was amusing and very creative. Romina’s painting hanging are all designed by charcoal, chalk, and pastel on paper. The pastels and charcoal really brighten Romina’s piece and makes the piece very bold and clear so it catches the audiences eyes. Romina states about his paintings, “by limiting my tools to charcoal, chalk, and pastel on paper, I attempt to explore the material’s full potential and range. The limited color palette allows me to add intricacy to the composition, the patterns I explore aim to create an atmospheric quality and harmony within the composition. With my drawings  hope to engage the viewer into a slowed down observation.”


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