Week 11 – Activity – Student Choice


Goal: I wanted to do something I have never experienced before. In class our Professor mentioned “yard bombing” and so I decided to research more about it so I knew how to yard bomb and basically its people who go around the streets and whatnot and wrap yarn on an object and wrap the whole thing with yarn its like doing graffiti

Experience: I decided to look around my room and see what I could yarn bomb and I decided to wrap my chair with yarn at first I thought it was a great idea. However, it took a really loooong time and it was tedious. I was getting frustrated but I have already started it so I decided to finish it and it actually looked cool so I wasn’t too mad at myself, one of my roommates even helped me.

What does this work mean to you?: I’m not really sure since it was my first time doing it but I enjoyed doing something I have never done before it’s cool doing things you have not done before.


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