Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Troy Rounseville


An exhibit at CSULB that caught my eye was from the artist Troy Rounseville. Troy’s exhibit explores the disjunction between our physical embodied experience and its transition through technological mediation. The variety of instruments in the room such as, the drums, guitar, and piano all connected to a wire through a tiny room in the middle of the room where you can experience all the sounds coming from the instruments that he created in order for the person to hear the music coming in the room. The room is covered in mirrors and a speaker about the ceiling where you can hear the instruments from, in order to do that you must walk around and move your arms because the room is censored. While I was in the room, the artist came I and showed me how his art exhibit works and it was really interesting to hear how he created his project. He told me how in today’s world we are constantly surrounded by technology and how a text on a cellular phone can be mistaken and or miss read because the difference between communicating from a cellphone is different from communicating in person. Technology is taking over and how we communicate with each other.


Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Soerachmat


Christopher Soerachmat is a first year at CSULB, he is majoring in Film and Electronic Arts. I was curious about his last name because it was interesting and told me he is Vietnamese. I also asked him what he specifically does with his major and he said he edits film for animation, in the future he wants to pursue his dream by becoming an animation artist for Pixar at Disney Land. An interesting fact that I found out about him is that he works at Disneyland where he sells merchandize and food. His interest are swimming, drawing, and editing films. He is originally from Garden Grove, California. After the interview we talked about random stuff like snap chat, Disneyland, and the artist we saw.