Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Troy Rounseville


An exhibit at CSULB that caught my eye was from the artist Troy Rounseville. Troy’s exhibit explores the disjunction between our physical embodied experience and its transition through technological mediation. The variety of instruments in the room such as, the drums, guitar, and piano all connected to a wire through a tiny room in the middle of the room where you can experience all the sounds coming from the instruments that he created in order for the person to hear the music coming in the room. The room is covered in mirrors and a speaker about the ceiling where you can hear the instruments from, in order to do that you must walk around and move your arms because the room is censored. While I was in the room, the artist came I and showed me how his art exhibit works and it was really interesting to hear how he created his project. He told me how in today’s world we are constantly surrounded by technology and how a text on a cellular phone can be mistaken and or miss read because the difference between communicating from a cellphone is different from communicating in person. Technology is taking over and how we communicate with each other.


Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Soerachmat


Christopher Soerachmat is a first year at CSULB, he is majoring in Film and Electronic Arts. I was curious about his last name because it was interesting and told me he is Vietnamese. I also asked him what he specifically does with his major and he said he edits film for animation, in the future he wants to pursue his dream by becoming an animation artist for Pixar at Disney Land. An interesting fact that I found out about him is that he works at Disneyland where he sells merchandize and food. His interest are swimming, drawing, and editing films. He is originally from Garden Grove, California. After the interview we talked about random stuff like snap chat, Disneyland, and the artist we saw.

Week 11- Activity – Teach One


Week 11’s activity we have to teach someone how to do a certain art project or teach someone about art such as, history about a specific painting. I chose to teach one of my roommates how to do bubble letters in graffiti since that was my favorite project we did all year. My roommate has never don’t graffiti before but she enjoyed learning it from me. I taught her by watching a few tutorials from youtube and told her how you have to shake the can first and spray the paint really quick and to spray from afar so it doesn’t bleed since she was doing it on paper.

Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune


Today’s featuring exhibit during week 11 was Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune. Lacy and Angie’s art exhibit was exhilarating, it felt Iike I was in a modern earthy environment. The exhibit was filled with drawings of what seems to look like mystical creatures there were also a chair and table, the setting looked like a living room however, the floor was grass so the setting seemed to look like it is supposed to be outside. There was also a tree in the middle with a crystal emblem hanging in the middle, it was really cool. Their galleries name is called “Taking my Time in the Paradigm” The artist’s states, “our body of work rests on what we both believe to be most pure: the exquisiteness of the mundane. We are interested in the unhurried state, and we are paying homage to our very basic senses.” Basically, their art exhibit shows the exploration of elegance in order to uphold the most fundamental existence: to see, smell, feel, and focus on parts of nature that most of us seem to unnoticed. This galleries intention is to encourage everyone to slow down just a little bit longer.

The two sculptures I chose were number 2. Home Sweet Utility which is made of ink, gouache, crystals, glass, and paper. The other one I chose was number 13, Faith in Fractals which is made of ink, gouache on paper.

Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Tanner Binsfeld


Week 11, I met Tanner Binsfeld. Tanner is a sophomore at CSULB and his major is Kinesiology, in the future he wants to be a physical therapist. His hobbies are playing basketball (played in high school), likes to work out at the gym, hang out with friends, and surfing usually at Huntington and Sunset Beach. He is originally from Chico, he moved to Long Beach to meet new people and go somewhere different. He took this class because he thought it would be a fun and easy class to take.

Week 11 – Activity – Student Choice


Goal: I wanted to do something I have never experienced before. In class our Professor mentioned “yard bombing” and so I decided to research more about it so I knew how to yard bomb and basically its people who go around the streets and whatnot and wrap yarn on an object and wrap the whole thing with yarn its like doing graffiti

Experience: I decided to look around my room and see what I could yarn bomb and I decided to wrap my chair with yarn at first I thought it was a great idea. However, it took a really loooong time and it was tedious. I was getting frustrated but I have already started it so I decided to finish it and it actually looked cool so I wasn’t too mad at myself, one of my roommates even helped me.

What does this work mean to you?: I’m not really sure since it was my first time doing it but I enjoyed doing something I have never done before it’s cool doing things you have not done before.

Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Romina Del Castillo


Week 10, I was wandering around the galleries on Thursday and couldn’t seem to make a decision on who to write on until I saw one painting that really caught my eye. The painting I chose was by an artist by the name of Romina Del Castillo. Romina’s painting of what seems to look like a nun and she is holding a baby up in the air and the naked baby is putting a flower head piece on the nun. The title of his gallery was called “Shifting Focus” which is a series of portraits done from direct observation with a live model. The painting I described earlier, it was a very odd art piece but it was amusing and very creative. Romina’s painting hanging are all designed by charcoal, chalk, and pastel on paper. The pastels and charcoal really brighten Romina’s piece and makes the piece very bold and clear so it catches the audiences eyes. Romina states about his paintings, “by limiting my tools to charcoal, chalk, and pastel on paper, I attempt to explore the material’s full potential and range. The limited color palette allows me to add intricacy to the composition, the patterns I explore aim to create an atmospheric quality and harmony within the composition. With my drawings  hope to engage the viewer into a slowed down observation.”

Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Conny Ramirez


Conny Ramirez is a freshman at California State University of Long Beach, her major for now is undeclared. However, she is maybe thinking about being a Biology major or a Healthcare Administration major, like myself. Her hobbies are hanging out with her two best friends who I met and enjoy going to the art galleries at school with her on Thursdays. She likes to read books one of her favorite books are the Harry Potter series and I told her how I love Harry Potter as well. I asked her why she decided to take this art class and her answer to me was, “I used to be in theater and ended up not enjoying it and my friends who took this art class previously told me how fun this class was and took it and I really am glad I took it.”

Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Marie Rivas

imageMarie Rivas, I met her through a mutual friend in class who is also named Marie. Marie is a junior at CSULB and she is a Biology major, she wants to find cures for infectious diseases when she is older and I think that is really inspiring that there are good people in the world who will dedicate their life to saving the world. Marie likes to travel, she has been to Central America cause of her family and she enjoys the nice weather there, she likes to hang out with friends when she isn’t busy with school, and likes to go hiking. Marie is Salvadorian and her favorite food is Pupusas, it is Salvadorian food and it is basically like a hand made tortilla with beans, pork, cheese in it.

Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Sophia Dao, Maggie Free, and Yee Li


Week 9, I was scoping through the gallery “Trepidation” I didn’t have the time to talk to the artist so I could ask them about what the title meant however luckily, we have the internet to search all of our questions up so I searched up what Trepidation meant. Trepidation means, “a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen.”  It all made sense when I read about their paintings at the gallery. All these paintings by Sophia Dao, Maggie Freed, and Yee Li are about their anxiety and fear through spatial representations. They stated, “Their spaces are influence by the way they choose to react to moments of trepidation.” We all experience moments of disorder, emotional deluge, and anxiety.  My favorite painting was Maggie Freed, the one on my blog and it is an oil on canvas type of painting.